Monday, February 22, 2010

Thursday, to Davide...?

We leave early, around 9:30 a.m. or so, and head down the coast toward Panama so that Tom can renew his residency here in Costa Rica. Before we get to the border, I notice many groves of tall palm trees, which he's quick to point out, are planted for palm tree oil. The road is good, although there are some pot holes.

We pull up to the border crossing and park Tom's car in a lot outside, and proceed through the myriad stalls, not stopping until we get to the
Salida from Costa Rica and Entrada to Panama... Tom runs into somebody who recognizes him and informs him that one of the necessary procedures has been eliminated; what this means to me is probably Greek but the two of them say that it's good. Anyway, we take a cab for $25 into the town of Davide and go to a hotel that Tom's stayed at before.

Since we're both fairly starving, we immediately take a cab to a Mexican restaurant (called 'Mrs. Marguerita's,' or something like that) and have a sample plate of taco, burrito and nachos and three Margueritas each... Went back to the hotel where I hooked in to the internet. This is something I can't do at Tom's house; his hook up is incomplete - it has no wi-fi.

Later on, he decides to go to a movie and I stay and update my blog. It's as hard to write on the internet at Tom's house as it was in India. It's just that sometimes people don't realize that the internet is simply not personal...